Beginner’s Guide: How to Massage Your Prostate

If so, congratulations. You’re 1 step closer to better self pleasure.

You see, pocket pussies make masturbating simple. They make it easy to clean up after the act.

So it isn’t like normal masturbating, where your hands and surrounding get messy…



Pocket pussies themselves require maintenance.

You need to learn how to wash one. And you need to do it in a way that preservers the toy’s quality

This is something we’ll help you with. Below is a 5 step guide example on how to clean pocket pussy!



#1 – Run Under Warm Water

For the most part, cleaning pocket pussy is easy. Just rinse it under a tap.

Do so for 1-2 minutes. And make sure the pressure is high enough to flush out the toy.


Also, make sure it’s warm water. This makes it easier to flush out the semen.

But, make sure it isn’t too hot. Excessively hot water might damage your sex toy. It might make it deform prematurely.


Not to mention, you’re holding the toy under a tap. And you can’t do that with too much hot water.

What if My Tap Isn’t Strong Enough?

In that case, use a hose at weak power.

A shower hose should do. Just make sure that the pressure isn’t too strong as you wash.



#2 – Don’t Finger.

A main point of masturbators is easy cleaning. So why ruin that by sticking your fingers in?


Now, we understand the temptation. After all, cleaning semen out by hand makes an immaculate toy, right?

But you shouldn’t do that. And we’ll list why.

Sticky Problems.

Semen is sticky. And combined with water, it solidifies fast. So it’s harder to get off your fingers.


Save yourself the trouble. Just rinse the toy under warm water. 


Fingering Might Ruin Your Toy.

Most pocket pussies are sturdy. But, you want to preserve yours for as long as possible.


And when cleaning pocket pussy, fingering stretches the inside. It reduces its firmness and durability…


And as we all know, both matter.


#3 – Don’t Squeeze.

Hold your toy in a way that maximizes water entry.

If you squeeze the toy, nothing gets in. And even worse, your toy can get really sticky inside. 



How to Hold Your Toy.

First, it should be vertically under the tap.


Water comes in from the top, and exits from the bottom. It’s as simple as that.

Also, hold it from the middle. And keep your grip soft.


If you hold it from the top, water doesn’t go in well. And if you hold it from the bottom, you don’t flush out the semen. 



#4 – Don’t Dry it Yourself.

Basically, after washing, set aside the toy to dry.

Dry it gently with a towel. But note that this is for the outside only…

As for the inside, you’ll need to set the toy and wait. It should dry on its own in minutes. 



Important Note.

Do not use tissues – at all.

Tissues and water don’t mix well. Tissues will tear up. And this’ll be a disaster, especially if you try to clean the toy from the inside.



#5 – (Optional): Aromatize.

Pussies were never meant to smell good. But, maybe you want your toy to be different.


If so, it’s OK to spray a whiff here and there. But we don’t recommend this, as the spray you choose may react with the toy.


Better Alternative.

This takes us back to the washing stage.

After rinsing out the semen, you can use liquid soap.


Drip a little inside the toy, squeeze the toy to get the soap spread, then wash it under warm water!


That way, you get to aromatize your pocket pussy, without risks of ruining the material.


Final Tip – Pick the Right Toy.

Cleaning pocket pussy can be an easy experience. But it comes down to the toy you buy.



So take care when shopping for one. And make sure there are many options to choose from.


There, you’ll find all the best pocket pussy you need. Be sure to explore, and pick what suits you best!




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